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Private Doormat Parties

Kicky Mats offers private doormat painting parties where we pop up in the privacy of your own home or a venue of your choice. We bring all materials including tables, if necessary. All you and your guests would have to do is show up be ready to have a good time! As the host of the party you will be able to choose three doormat designs for you all to paint. These designs could be made up by you or you can select doormats from our website (colored mats or mats with images may be an additional charge).

-Each private doormat party requires at least ten people. If you do not have ten people don’t worry, we may can still work it out for you, please email us at

-A location of your choice is required. (I.e. your home, event venues, etc.) We have a venue to suggest if needed.

To book a party, a $150 deposit is required and this amount will go towards your total party cost. On the day of the party the remainder of the funds will be collected!   

10+ people: $30 per person
25+ people: $25 per person
**Larger parties please email us for special group rates

*Please note the prices above are for our small sized doormats. For medium or large sized mats please contact us for a quote!